farmOS is built as a set of separate but inter-dependent Drupal projects.

Drupal is a modular system, and farmOS follows in those footsteps by providing all of it's features as singularly-focused modules on top of Drupal core.

All of these various modules, their dependencies, third-party libraries, and the official farmOS Drupal theme are packaged together into a farm-focused Drupal distribution that is collectively referred to as "farmOS".

Distributions of Drupal are roughly analogous to distributions of Linux. They serve to collect various code and configuration together in an intentional way. More information can be found in the Drupal distribution documentation.

To learn more about Drupal in general, refer to the Drupal documentation.


If you are getting started with farmOS, downloading and installing the farmOS distribution is the recommended approach. has an automated packaging system, so you can be sure it's all built properly and everything is included.

The purpose of the farmOS distribution is to collect all the modules in one package, along with some default configuration, theming, etc - so you can get up and running using farmOS the way it was intendend and designed to be used.

You are not required to use the distribution. Each of the farmOS components is provided as a separate module, so you can install them individually on a non-farmOS Drupal website. This isn't recommended unless you're very comfortable with Drupal.


Included in farmOS

These modules are packaged with the farmOS distribution:

Other modules

These modules aren't packaged with the farmOS distribution, but they can be added to extend your farmOS functionality:


The official farmOS theme is a Drupal theme based off of Bootstrap.