farmOS can be used to manage animal/livestock records.

An "Animal" asset type is provided to represent individual animals, and all of the standard farmOS log types can be used to record events and activities.


When you create an animal asset, you will need to define what species/breed it is. Species/breeds represent the various types of animals you manage. These can be very general names (eg: "Cattle") or more specific breeds (eg: "Jersey cattle").

Animal groups

Animals can also be organized into groups. This is useful if you always manage certain animals together. It is also possible to assign animals to more than one group. This can be used in many different ways to help manage large numbers of animals in farmOS.


Animals can be moved from place to place in farmOS using movement logs. You can also filter your animal list down to animals within a certain group, select all, and create a combined movement log for all of them at once. This is a great way to manage grazing records as you move animals from paddock to paddock. For more general information on moving assets in farmOS, read the page on movements and location.

Animal logs

In addition to the standard log types that all farmOS assets share (activities, observations, inputs, and harvests), the livestock module provides an additional log type that is specific to animals: medical records.

Medical logs can be used to record animal health records. This can be a veterinary visit, administering medicine/vaccinations, or other medical procedures. You can also use standard Input logs when administering medicine or vaccinations, if you prefer, and reserve Medical logs for more serious events/procedures.