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farmOS is a web-based application for farm management and planning.

It is built on Drupal, which makes it modular, extensible, and secure.

Both Drupal and farmOS are licensed under the GNU General Public License, which means they are open source.

You can set it up yourself on your own web server, or you can use Farmier, a farmOS hosting service.


farmOS is under active development, but is still relatively new. The focus right now is laying a strong groundwork, so that others can more easily join in and contribute.

Documentation, screenshots, videos, tutorials, etc will be posted here soon.


Drupal Distribution:



Development of farmOS is a collaborative process. There are lots of ways to contribute. You don't need to be a developer.

All feature requests, bug reports, and planning is done in the issue queues. There is a separate queue for each of the farm modules, and for the distribution itself. See the full list of projects.

Join in the discussion in our #farmOS IRC chat room!


If farmOS is useful to you, and you want to support future development, consider donating to the project!


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