Importing data

CSV importers are provided for all asset and log types in farmOS.

Links to each importer can be found at the top of each primary asset or log listing page (accessible via the main menu of farmOS). For example, if you want to import Animal assets, click on Assets > Animals in the main menu, and then click the "Import animals" action link at the top of the page.

There is a link to "Download a template" within the importer page, which will give you a blank CSV file with all the necessary column headers. Start with the template file, and add a row for each of the records you want to import. Save this file and upload it to the importer form to create the new records in farmOS.

Common fields

Each asset/log type has its own importer, and some have fields that are unique to their type, but there are some common fields that are shared across all importers.

Common asset fields include:

Common log fields include:

Common fields that are required are noted above. Specific asset/log type importers may have additional required fields.


CSV importers are only available to users with the Farm Manager role.