Email configuration

farmOS needs to be able to send emails to users. This is used for password reset emails, notifications, etc.

Depending on how you have farmOS deployed, there are a few ways to configure your server to allow farmOS to send emails.

By default, farmOS will attempt to send emails via an SMTP server installed on the same system. If you have Postfix installed, email should work without any additional configuration, although they will most likely be filtered as spam. This StackOverflow topic provides guidance for avoiding this.


The farmOS Docker images do not include an SMTP server, so you will see this error message when farmOS tries to send an email:

Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists.

There are two potential solutions to this:

  1. Install and configure the SMTP module. This is a contributed Drupal module that allows emails to be relayed through a third-party SMTP server. This module is not included with farmOS, but can be downloaded into [farmOS-codebase]/web/sites/all/modules and enabled in https://[farmOS-hostname]/admin/modules.
  2. Create your own Docker image which inherits from the farmOS image. This image can install an SMTP server like Postfix, which can be configured to send email directly, or relay it through another SMTP server.