farmOS is a web-based application for farm management, planning, and record keeping.

It is built on Drupal, which makes it modular, extensible, and secure. Both Drupal and farmOS are licensed under the GNU General Public License, which means they are free and open source.

For more information, read through some of the Frequently Asked Questions.


farmOS is under active development, but is still relatively new. The focus right now is laying a strong groundwork, so that others can more easily join in and contribute.


In this video by Chris Callahan at UVM Extension's Agricultural Engineering Program, Michael Stenta provides an overview of the motivations behind farmOS. Why he started the project, why he uses Drupal as the development framework and why it is open-source. Available on YouTube:

GODAN Documentary Web Series

farmOS was featured in the GODAN Documentary Web Series: "OPEN FARMS", available on YouTube:

CNBC Special

farmOS was featured in a CNBC special: CNBC: The Future Of Farming Is Utilizing Data In An Open Source Network Of Farmers.

2017 NOFA Summer Conference

Michael Stenta presented a farmOS workshop at the 2017 NOFA Summer Conference. It covers the core features of farmOS, how to get started, where to find help, and how to contribute back to the project.

The full workshop recording is available on YouTube: []

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