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farmOS accepts donations through Open Source Collective, a 501c(6) Non-Profit.

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farmOS is a free and open source software project.

We aim to build a standard platform for flexible farm planning, record keeping, and data management. Our priorities are data ownership, interoperability, and ease-of-use, with a "farmer first" focus.

To learn more about the motivations behind farmOS, these videos provide some background:

The project is supported by a community of volunteers, developers, researchers, and organizations. If you or your organization would like to support the farmOS project, consider making a donation.

Maintaining open source

Developing open-source software is fundamentally different than closed source software that is owned by a single company or individual. farmOS was built from the beginning with a focus on enabling community participation. All planning, feature design, bug tracking, and roadmaps are open to public comment, and everyone is invited to take part in the design and decision making process.

We believe that this approach results in better software.

There are lots of other examples that back this up (and that farmOS itself builds on top of). Open source development amplifies community contributions by "standing on the shoulders of giants".

The single biggest challenge to open source projects is financial sustainability.

There are ongoing costs to maintaining software, so open source communities rely on alternative funding strategies to keep projects alive and healthy.

Funding farmOS

By donating to farmOS, you can support the work that goes into managing the project and community. This includes:

General development

  • Feature development
  • Planning and roadmaps
  • Issue queue management
  • Testing and bug fixes
  • Dependency updates
  • New version releases
  • Coordinating larger development initiatives

Community infrastructure

  • website
  • Code repositories
  • Monthly calls
  • Chat rooms
  • Contributor on-boarding


  • User guides, videos, screencasts
  • Developer documentation
  • Translations


All contributions made through the farmOS Open Collective, as well as all expenses deducted from it, are publicly visible. This provides a radically transparent view into how the farmOS collective manages its budget.

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The farmOS Maintainers