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2018 March 27th Dorn Cox, founder of farmOS, earns new national conservation award

2018 February 13th Morning Ag Clips: Wolfe’s Neck's Dorn Cox earns national award

2018 February 6th Wolfe's Neck Center: Research Director, Dorn Cox, Receives Bennett Award


2017 November 21st UVM Extension AgEngineering: Produce Tracking and Traceability

2017 August 28th PASA Education Event - Pastured Livestock Research Group: Boosting Land and Feed Efficiency

2017 April 5th PASA Education Event - Advanced Farm Management Using FarmOS

2017 March 14th Tech Economy: Precision farming: la sfida dell’agricoltura 4.0 è open source

2017 January 24th AgroTIC: Les nouvelles technologies sont aussi un levier pour les petites exploitations

2017 January 10th Permaculture Research Institute: Open Source Tools for Permaculturists


2016 December 6th FOSS Force: Family Farming and Open Source Wireless Networking

2016 December 5th CNBC: The Future Of Farming Is Utilizing Data In An Open Source Network Of Farmers

2016 November 24th GODAN: OPEN FARMS - GODAN Documentary Web Series - Episode 3

2016 November 22nd CNBC: Silicon Valley cultivates a life on the American family farm

2016 November 4th PC Magazine: Smart Farms: Big Data Meets Big Ag

2016 September 20th Farm Hack: Farm Hack @ the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

2016 September 4th CT NOFA Geanings Newsletter: farmOS Workshop at 2016 NOFA Summer Conference on YouTube

2016 August 29th Farm Hack: Video: FarmOS @ NOFA summer conference

2016 July 30th ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture: farmOS Releases Beta 12 Version and Beekeeping Module

2016 May 16th Sanmita: Three Cool Drupal-Based Software Projects


2016 April 1st Lancaster Farming: Using 'Big Data' Can Prevent Big Problems on the Farm

2016 February 5th Maryland Organic Food & Farming Association: Open Source Agricultural Tools with Farm Hack


2015 December 13th Farm Hack: FarmOS: A Drupal-based farm management solution

2015 November 30th Farm Hack: Integrating Open Source: the Open Agriculture Learning Series

2015 November 27th Top 5: Drupal-based farmOS, Blender for astrophysics, Qora cryptocurrency, and more

2015 November 24th Drupal-based farmOS manages food, farmers, and community

2015 November 16th Makery: Sensprout and Techrice, Japanese prototypes for agriculture

2015 November 9th The Greenhorns: it’s like a csa – but with software

2015 October 2nd HNGN: Robots, iPhones Now Make Tending Crops Easier For Farmers

2015 September 22nd Popular Science: Let the Robots and iPhones Tend the Crops

2015 April 19th The Greenhorns: proving that not all farmers are luddites

2015 March 30th The Greenhorns: farmOS beta 1 release


2014 December 25th Our World (United Nations University): Open Sauce/Source for the Food Revolution

2014 November 27th The new food revolution is open